Card-sorting Activities

This pack consists of 3 card-sorting activities which focus on working with different representations. Activities 1 and 2 focus on points while Activity 3 focuses on the linear function. The activities are aimed at Grade 9 level but could be used for different purposes at Grade 8 and 10 level. We believe the activities help learners to make connections between different representations of the same mathematical object.


Negative number revision - a 1 week prog

Learners are introduced to negative numbers early in Grade 8. However, we know from experience and from our research that many Grade 9 learners still struggle to work with negative numbers. This impacts their work in many areas of the curriculum, particularly algebra and functions.

In this pack we propose a sequence of 5 one-hour lessons to revise negative numbers with Grade 9 learners. We refer to “negative numbers” rather than “integers” because our materials also include a small amount of work with negative fractions.